Training Log Releases

2024-03-30 Added default exercise chart of total reps or total distance when clicking on exercise in workout view.

2024-03-11 New chart for weekly training volume for strength based exercises.

2024-02-27 Improved training log chart performance.

2024-02-22 Added chartjs to chart various exercise parameters like reps, volume and distance.

2024-01-24 Workout volume calculation is now in lb or kg depending on profile selection.

2024-01-20 Added a focus header keep your training priorities in "focus".

2024-01-09 Training log navigation styling changes and calendar modifications.

2023-12-10 Training log now allows template workouts that can be built and used for creating new workouts.

2023-11-23 Added confirm screens for Weigh in and journal entries.

2023-11-22 More work on rest countdown timer.

2023-11-10 Added in workout rest countdown timer need to improve styling if I am going to keep that feature.

2023-10-22 Exercise detail screen layout improvements. Database changes to require owner on workouts.

2023-10-10 More work on training log workout screen aligning rows better via bootstrap.

2023-10-09 Cleaned up workout screen layout added an edit button and borders to help delineate between exercises.

2023-09-19 Initial release of standards and goals feature. Goals are one time accomplishments for example deadlifting 400lbs. Standards are physical abilities you would like to be able to maintain. A couple of examples of standards would be the ability to run 3 miles, Front squat 200 lbs, Deadlift 300 for 5 reps. As I get older maintainable standards become more important than one time Goals.

2023-09-05 Fixed bug in total workout volume calculations.

2023-09-03 Added Total Workout Volume calculation to workout screen. Will also show if volume has increased or not from previous time workout was performed.

2023-08-14 Added ability to add exercise anywhere in workout and other exercises will shift based on exercise id A1,B1 etc.

2023-07-30 Upgraded Django and MySQL. Added top distance property so when a new distance is reached you will be notified.

2023-07-23 Added calculations for highest weight lifted and fastest pace.

2023-07-20 Added fields so workouts that are copied can be compared with previous workout performance. The current easiest way to track is to build your first workout and then copy it if workout is similar.

2023-07-19 Added pace per minute to distance/cardio type training.

2023-07-05 Add volume new record calculations to exercise history/details page. It will now show an UP arrow when new volume record is reached for a workout.

2023-07-05 Add volume calculations to exercise history/details page. Added additional test to the calculations for current volume.

2023-07-01 Modified how exercise are classified between cardio vs strength.

2023-06-27 Added ability to add a journal to each day allowing you to track non workout related life events.

2023-02-26 Exercises now have field to determine if exercise is primarily cardio or strength. This will allow specific fields for cardio and or strength and better reporting.

2023-1-16 Removed body weight tracking function for time being. Removed exercise progression bug so only users unique exercise progressions show up.

2023-1-15 Bootstrap 5 upgrade to improve interface.

2023-1-12 Beta Release for public use after one year of learning Django, Bootstrap and Python to build a training log platform. At this point I have been logging consistently for 6 months working through bugs.

2022-1-16 Initial coding and git commit on training log application